At War with the Weeds

The long period of silence has been a mirror of my presence in the garden, due to other projects I have been everywhere but in my veggi patch. So yesterday we were confronted with a jungle of weeds about knee high and covering all 80m2 leaving us to guess where the rows of goodness were hidden. Kathrin and I were glad to accept the help of Mr G (my b’friend) and the three of us proceeded to work our way through our garden for a full three hours!

In the end we were duly rewarded with our first harvest: 4 heads of lettuce, two bunches of radishes and a mound of spinach. The spinach found its way onto the table stirred into some freshly cooked parmesan polenta which was served with pan roast tomatoes cooked in sweetend balsamic sauce and pork filet (inspired by the amazing Donna Hay)


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Meine Ernte Reloaded: Blondes Gemüse

Today marked the kick-off of the new gardening season. After the brilliant time I had last year and the joy it brought to my life I didn’t have to ponder for long and even decided to go double, that means 85m² of delicious vegetables spread of the next months. You might be thinking “she’s gone crazy! Twice the amount she had last year, how is she ever gonna eat all that?” – Well I have recruited a gardening partner – Kathrin and I are going to be digging, weeding, watering and harvesting our patch of earth called “Blondes Gemüse” (the deeper meaning sadly get’s lost in translation) together.
This year our farmer Mr Niehl has planted and sown:
May turnip, beetroot, radishes, arugula, chard, sugarsnaps, flowers, kidney beans, bush beans, carrots, spinach, zucchini, pumpkins, salad, leeks, kohlrabi, sweetheart cabbage, red cabbage, parsley root, potatoes and sunflowers.

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Cheats Lasagna – with Fennel, Salmon and Italian Tomatoes

Today I have a simply delicious dish for you, I have used a couple of products from the “Feine Welt” range available at REWE Supermarkets (Germany), as I work for REWE and have just been supplied with samples of the new herbs and spices and was so enticed by them that I had to get creative. In addition to that, the fennel plants in my garden had regrown and I had two lovely fennel bulbs waiting in my fridge.
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Anna’s Garden on TV!

My little vegetable patch made it onto television – in fact it actually made it onto the news:
(you might have to watch a short advertisment clip)

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Char-grilled Baby Leeks with Goats Cheese Ciabatta and red Onion Jam

A fortnight ago I finally redeemed the voucher my mother gave to me nearly two years earlier as a christmas present and took part in cooking course.  I decided on “Französische Landküche” at the Koch Atelier in Bonn (I know Klaus, one of the owners and chefs at the Koch Atelier from working together at a company event) and amongst many delicacies we made one which reminded my of days working for Cottage Caterers in Surrey – red onion jam.  Continue reading

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Red Currant – Cheesecake Tarte

I made this a couple of weeks ago, the cheesecake base and the deliciously sour currants are a great combination!

250g quark (curd)
1 egg
1 packet of vanilla sugar (10g) – substitute with vanilla essence
1 large handful of red currants, stalks removed Continue reading

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A bumper harvest

Comments will follow – but for tonight this is it, gardening is exhausting and I need my sleep! Good night…

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