Gummistiefel – Wellington Boots – Rubber Boots

One vital piece of clothing every serious and not so serious gardener needs are Wellington boots. Hey were worn and popularised by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington during the early 1800’s firstly being made of leather. However in 1852 Hiram Hutchinson met Charles Goodyear, who had just invented the vulcanization process for natural rubber. While Goodyear decided to manufacture tyres, Hutchinson bought the patent to manufacture footwear and moved to France to establish À l’Aigle (“to the Eagle”) in 1853, to honour his home country.

Both World Wars helped develop their popularity immensely, post WWII the drop in rubber prices and in more modern times the necessity as a countryside accessories and the festival and fashion statement item mean that no girl (or guy) should be without a pair of Wellies!

These days Wellington boots come in all shapes, sizes and colours – imitation snakeskin, big bows, shiny buckles… today’s message is: the more outrages the better!
…and if you are one of those people who suffer from cold feet you should consider specifically designed socks – they are extra long and made of various materials (see Hunters Boots above).

A selection of my favourite producers of Wellington Boots – both practical AND fashionable!
Cath Kidston
Hunters Boots

Online shops specialising in Wellington boots (based in Germany):

Famous Welly boot fan – Paddington bear

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