Char-grilled Baby Leeks with Goats Cheese Ciabatta and red Onion Jam

A fortnight ago I finally redeemed the voucher my mother gave to me nearly two years earlier as a christmas present and took part in cooking course.  I decided on “Französische Landküche” at the Koch Atelier in Bonn (I know Klaus, one of the owners and chefs at the Koch Atelier from working together at a company event) and amongst many delicacies we made one which reminded my of days working for Cottage Caterers in Surrey – red onion jam. Straight away it made it onto my list of things cook from my own produce and so while harvesting a plan for todays dinner formed: Char-grilled Baby Leeks with Goats Cheese Ciabatta and red Onion Jam – followed by Spaghetti with Rocket Pesto….

Red Onion Jam
2 large red onions
oil for frying
1/2 cup of red balsamic vinegar (125ml)
3 Tablespoons of currant jelly  (=Johannisbeergelee)
possibly about 1 tablespoon of brown sugar

1.) Peel the onion and slice into 5mm wide rings. In a saucepan heat the oil to medium heat and at the onions, stirring occasionally cook the onion until soft.
2.) Add the vinegar and the jelly and continue cooking on a medium heat until the liquid has reduced and the onions have darkened through absorbing the vinegar.
3)  Taste the jam, depending on how you like it you can add some brown sugar.

To serve:
Toast a couple of slices of ciabatta on a hot griddle and spread some soft goats cheese over each slice. Use the griddle to cook some baby leeks or spring onions, place on top of the slices of ciabatta and serve with the red onion jam.

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