Even though the german summer is taking a break and its been raining nearly every day for the last week more and more things in my garden are ready for harvesting. On monday I loaded 5 kohlrabis, 1 courgette (my first), 2 leeks (still rather little), 1 fennel, a handful of broad beans, 600g of chard and two sunflowers onto my bike – which, as you can imagine, is quite a lot to eat for one person! Therefore dishes which use many different vegetables are currently very popular with me – providing me with a great excuse to buy new cookbooks.

Last week my friend J. from the office joined me for dinner – on the way we stopped in the garden and brainstormed what we were going to cook – J.’s italian connections lead her to come up with… Minestrone! We decided to go for a vegetarian version with onion, garlic, kohlrabi, courgettes, fennel, a couple of tomatoes (not from the garden), chard, herbs and little pasta elbows. Just before serving we grated some parmesan over the top! It’s funny how people always say that things one has grown oneself taste much better than bought things, I always thought  it was a silly thing to say – who can really taste these minute differences? Well – I can tell you it was super delicious!

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