The Start of Something Big: Anna’s Gärtchen

Woop woop – it’s official, I am the proud owner of a little patch of earth on the outskirts of Cologne – well at least for this season! Yesterday evening the season kicked-off… Some of the veggies are already poking their heads out – in the first photo you can see cabbages.
When you register for a “meine ernte” garden, you are asked to give veggie patch a name – I wasn’t feeling terribly original when I entered “Anna’s Gärtchen” – but hey, at least my fellow gardeners will remember my name!
Our farmer, Mr. N. was up next – he is a very likable guy and he explained to us what he had planted – and we learned that he isn’t a big fan of courgettes.

W. and N. – the managers of Meine Ernte explained the tools which they have organised for us and briefed us on the rules. After that the kids were asked to come to the front of the group and were given a red ribbon to hold, this was then cut to a round of applause.
We then proceeded to our gardens, the first “to do” was redefining the boundaries between each garden, these are only little trampled paths – so it wasn’t too strenuous!

At this point the sky was getting just that little bit too dark and the thunder began rolling across the fields – it wasn’t long before the “pitter patter” of rain drops joined the chorus – and suddenly the 30 Min bike ride lost most of its charm! Luckily for me one of the girls from work – S. – is one of my fellow gardeners and the owner of a nice big car. Big enough, in fact, to fit me and my bike.

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