Reverse Order: first a wedding – then the hen do…

Sorry for the silence – I’ve been on holiday,  a couple of days of sailing, time to visit my favourite shops in Hamburg, dates with friends, watching the royal wedding and to top it off – C’s hen do. Oh… and I nearly forgot lots of cooking (recipes will follow)!

Kiel – Sonderborg – Kappeln – Kiel: practicing with my camera!

Hamburg (Alster) – Trees in blossom – G&T in the Garden.

The highlights of my holiday were the royal wedding on friday and my friend C’s hen do on saturday – both were accompanied by culinary experiments. Friday we began truly british: drinking tea and eating little tarts with fresh summer fruit*, after the ceremony we moved on to Pimm’s with lemonade and home-made humus dip*. For C’s hen do the ten lovely ladies (dressed in “black with a touch of pink”) met in my mothers beautiful garden for a little afternoon tea: mini Quiche*, blinis with smoked salmon*, sandwiches (ham and mustard, cheddar and tomato, egg and cress), and lots of pink bubbly! The awfully delicious sweet treats were K’s masterpieces: cheesecake with a meringue top, rhubarb cake and raspberry cupcakes. After accomplishing a few first challenges the highlight of the hen do was a party cruise through Hamburg’s port ( and the rest of the night shall remain a secret…

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