The Kitchen is Ready

Even though the weather lately has been absolutely amazing for the beginning of April I will have to remain in eager anticipation of my first horticultural experiences for a little longer, to make do I have been working on another ‘scene’ for this blog  – my kitchen. It was one of the reasons I fell for this flat straight away, its nothing fancy but in Cologne most flats are let without a kitchen and I didn’t want to fork out a fortune and have to wait for weeks, added to that it’s actually very nice – white kitchen fronts and a dark wood worktop. All it needed was a little personality – or should I say, a little of MY personality 😉
I headed of into town for a little inspiration and found this postcard entitled “le petit déjeuner” – I simply love the colours. To see what this inspiration has grown into – see the photographs below…

Step 1: Maskingtape – reade to handpaint the green border

Step 2: The pink border

Step 3: The rest – in blue – and finished!

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1 Response to The Kitchen is Ready

  1. Anne says:

    Oh, I love the colours, too 🙂 Can’t wait to see your kitchen!

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