things to come…

So here goes my first ever blog post: it was my goal to start a blog in 2010, now its 2011 and I thought I’d better get started. I have been avidly following a handful of excellent food blogs (which will undoubtedly get mentioned in future posts) and as I simply love cooking it seemed an obvious next step to write one of my own – but there are already sooooo many out there, what is going to make mine different and give it its own profile?

The title of this blog incorporates a little clue… I bet you’d never guess the real course of events so here’s the whole story. Last week I was browsing a list of websites with new business ideas and start-ups which a colleague had emailed me when I struck upon Meine Ernte( A brilliant idea for city kids, who – like me – appreciate good quality, fresh and organic food. For 179€ I will be the proud owner of 45m2 vegetable and flower patch for the whole summer! The plots are allocated at the beginning of May – and the best bit is that they come ready planted with cabbages, beetroot, salads, radishes… all I have to do is regular watering and weeding – and of course pick, pluck, gather and collect all the delicious and healthy veggies.  This will form the foundation of my blog – I will write about my experiences as a novice gardener and my experiments in the kitchen with my own grown produce – and I hope you will enjoy it!

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1 Response to things to come…

  1. Fattes says:

    yummy yummy yummy… Now I´m hungry 😉

    Sounds great. I´m looking forward to the first crop and the first meal with your own hand-picked ingredients.


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