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2014 – Mummy in the Garden…

The new gardening season is already in full swing due to the balmy weather we have been having and we have a new addition to our team, little Luise was born just over three weeks ago and is already a frequent visitor. Her perfect timing means we’ll be enjoying a lot of time (maternity leave) in the allotment and hopefully welcoming many visitors!

To kick of the year we planted some strawberry plants under the rose bushes. Our raised bed which C (my husband!) has been filling with our self made compost has been divided into 50cmx50cm squares and the first one has been planted with Kohlrabi. In preparation for the other squares I have prepped mini newspaper pots and sewn spinach, pumpkins, chard, sweet peas and tomatoes… Watch this space to see them develop!



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Gummistiefel – Wellington Boots – Rubber Boots

One vital piece of clothing every serious and not so serious gardener needs are Wellington boots. Hey were worn and popularised by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington during the early 1800’s firstly being made of leather. However in 1852 Hiram Hutchinson met Charles Goodyear, who had just invented the vulcanization process for natural rubber. While Goodyear decided to manufacture tyres, Hutchinson bought the patent to manufacture footwear and moved to France to establish À l’Aigle (“to the Eagle”) in 1853, to honour his home country.

Both World Wars helped develop their popularity immensely, post WWII the drop in rubber prices and in more modern times the necessity as a countryside accessories and the festival and fashion statement item mean that no girl (or guy) should be without a pair of Wellies!

These days Wellington boots come in all shapes, sizes and colours – imitation snakeskin, big bows, shiny buckles… today’s message is: the more outrages the better!
…and if you are one of those people who suffer from cold feet you should consider specifically designed socks – they are extra long and made of various materials (see Hunters Boots above).

A selection of my favourite producers of Wellington Boots – both practical AND fashionable!
Cath Kidston
Hunters Boots

Online shops specialising in Wellington boots (based in Germany):

Famous Welly boot fan – Paddington bear

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Anna’s Kitchen Garden enters its third season – bigger and better!

The deal was sealed with a handshake, Friday the official signature will follow and then I’ll have my own allotment (ger. Schrebergarten or Kleingarten) – so in 2013 Anna’s Kitchen garden is back, this time taking a slightly different approach as I’m not only thinking of this season but can also plan a little for years to come (making fruit far more interesting, I’m thinking strawberries, rhubarb, gooseberries…).
I’ll also be featuring the little hut on my patch which in fact is pretty comfortable but does need a bit of TLC (tender, loving care) and freshening up.
Fotos will follow in the next post… Promise!

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Season finale BBQ

Today was most probably our last visit to the garden and we managed a sizeable harvest, mainly Swiss chard, leeks, zucchini, carrots and parsley roots. To celebrate and round off the glorious weekend we lit up the BBQ…



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Five Photos Friday (Frage-Foto-Freitag)

Okay here goes my first attempt at “Frage Foto Freitag” – answering five questions about myself through photographs:

1.) Was hast du letzte Woche Freitag gemacht? What did you do last Friday?
My girls cooked an amazing meal for me! We meet on a semi-regular basis for our “supper club” and this time I didn’t have to lift a finger (you might ask why – but that’s just too long a story). Last Fridays starter was an italian bread salad with dates which were filled with a walnut cream cheese and wrapped in filo pastry before going on the griddle – delicious!

2.) Wobei hast du gedacht, finde ich schon lange toll, sollte ich endlich mal allen sagen? What have you been really enjoying for ages and you want to tell everyone about?
TEMMA – it’s one of the nicest “supermarkets” in Germany, and (since wednesday) I am allowed to work on the TEMMA Team. I know this is pretty blatent advertising but I am so glad to have found a job that I’m really going to love.

3.) Bist du abhängig von, egal ob… es regnet oder die Sonne scheint? What are you addicted to – come rain or shine?
Quite simple – my iPhone. The gorgeous cover was bought at the Cath Kidston shop while visiting my littel sister in London.

4.) Gibt es jeden Samstag? What do you do every Saturday?
Listen to the Archers Ominbus Podcast while cleaning my appartment. Sounds boring but can be quite intense at times!

5.) Isst du gerade eine Tüte nach der anderen von? Of what are you currently devouring one bag after another?
More advertising for my work: REWE Bio Mint Waffels – like Thin Mints but being organic (so can be found in TEMMA too) they are soooooo much healthier – at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

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Helping Hands and the first Potatoes



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